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Remember the Prisoner

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Hebrews 13:3 | Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.

Open Letter By Andre Elliott:

I write this letter to inform the citizens of Maryland, the 22 counties and Baltimore City, that the criminal justice “reform” is being promoted and herald by politicians, namely Gov. Wes Moore and several of the General Assembly is an utter farce. In this letter, I will outline with unshakeable proof, that the State of Maryland Division of Corrections, is nothing more than an English-era Debtor’s Prison system with a sinister twist.

Before I launch into premise of the subject matter, it is imperative for everyone to know the racial demographics of the State as a whole and the prison system. Blacks are 18.9% of the state population, roughly 850,000 out of 4.2 million. Notwithstanding, the prison system houses 76.2% of Black inmates, roughly a little over 15,000 out of 20,422. 72.3% come from Baltimore City. The disproportionate number of Blacks in the system is not an accident or aberration, it is by design.

Crime in Baltimore and elsewhere is an issue, due to property, poor schools, bad parenting and most importantly lack of economic opportunities. I don’t delve into all the social ills in this dissertation. Nonetheless, politicians with the medias help engage in hyperbole, by disseminating and highlighting criminal incidents. The intent is to persuade the public that crime is an issue and to galvanize support for harsher sentences. However, crime is big business and very profitable and fraud is the key to procuring exorbitant profits.

The entire Maryland Judiciary is corrupt and had been masquerading as Constitutional Courts. The State’s Attorney’s office is funded by the respective county it operates out of (see Title 15: Maryland Courts and Judicial Annotated Code). The State’s attorney is beholden to the respective county it operates out of. The County Council sets the salary of the States’ attorney and assistant state’s attorneys. Additionally, the County Council must approve the appointment of two (2) deputy state’s attorney’s and the amount of assistant state’s attorney’s.

The state’s attorney’s job is to secure convictions, which are actually judgments. The rules of evidence i.e., due process and constitutional rights are negated by Maryland rules of criminal procedure written by General Assembly members. These rules are written with so much ambiguity, which allows prosecutors and judges, both circuit and appellate, to construe them as they see fit. Defense attorneys, both public defenders and paid private attorneys play an essential role in this fraud. Their job is to simply get a defendant to consent to the proceedings. It's done with the attorneys entering a line item notice of appearance. Once that happens, the fraud escalates to the next level.

As I previously mentioned, the states attorneys primary agenda and focus is securing judgments. The goal is achieved by employing unethical tactics. Threats of long prison sentences is the most effective tool in their arsenal. The States Attorney is in complete control of the case. They brought the action by filing charges, and used as citizen council, commonly referred to as a grand jury, to affirm the charges. The entire process is tantamount to a civil proceeding, when the civil suit is filed the plaintiff is solely responsible for prosecuting their claim. The word prosecute simply means bringing a legal action against a defendant. The judge is supposed to serve as an impartial referee to make sure both sides are treated fairly. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen and I will explain later.

Let me reiterate the states attorneys office is funded and controlled by the county it operates in. The city of Baltimore States Attorney is funded by the City Council, but state functionaries wield extraordinary oversight of that office. Law and order is just a small screen and empty rhetoric, it's simply about money.

Now I'm going to break down how revenue is generated i.e., the fraudulent and deceptive method used. What I am about to outline is a classical case of conspiratorial fraud. I will use my personal situation. In 2006 I was charged with first degree attempted murder. I was subsequently convicted and sentenced to life all but 65 years suspended. In 2009, the case was overturned on appeal for a technical issue. The case was retried, and I was convicted again April 2010.

Fast forward in 2019 I discussed that an insurance company, the Connecticut insurance company was somehow involved in the case. After extensive research I learned the insurance rents company was the underwriter for the case. Remember, this is a purported criminal case, not a financial transaction. F.Y.I., previously this information was included on the Maryland judiciary case search in the “other parties of interest” section. It is no longer disclosed.

To cut to the chase, the Montgomery County government, the county where my case was is the actual recipient of the judgment. Every case that's being prosecuted in district and Circuit Court is actually a civil case not a criminal case. Montgomery County elected States Attorney, John McCarthy is a very important cog in the fraud. The assistant States attorney worked under his direction. McCarthy and his two deputies are the only ones in his office who have knowledge of the fraud. Once his office secures a judgment the fraud moves to the next level.

The Montgomery County government once awarded the judgment, the County Attorney files a petition to seal the judgment. This is done with the cooperation of the attorney representing the defendant. The clerk of circuit court Kareen Bushnell is a willing participant and the fraud. MD Rule-608 “Recording and indexing of judgment” dictates that all judgments are to be recorded. The Judgment Docket is a book kept and prepared in the office of the clerk wherein there is no that the facts representing judgments entered and recorded. They are supposed to be a judgment of conviction, which is a written record of a criminal judgment consisting of the plea, the verdict or findings, the adjudication and the sentence, included in every case file. You will not find it in the case file, nor will the clerk's office provide a copy. All so-called criminal cases are public proceedings and are part of the public record. The clerk of the court is an elected official, and is violating her oath of office, by refusing to release public records.

The next cog of the fraud is the Montgomery County government the county's agents, i.e., County Executive, County Attorney and County Council are tasked with monetizing the judgment. The agents are committing acts of identity theft and I will explain how. I want everyone that reads this document to understand that this is a complex labyrinth of fraud with multiple layers.

All felony and misdemeanor charges have a valuation. The valuation is determined by the Maryland General Assembly. The Maryland annotated code lists all misdemeanor fine amounts however, intentionally omits felony fine amounts. The next step in the process is to procure the services of an out-of-state third party, multi-purpose financial service company to facilitate the transaction. Remember, the judgment is a debt obligation created by the decree of the court. This is why the judgment is sealed without the defendant’s clear knowledge.

Debt instruments, e.g. Promissory notes, judgments, etc., are assets and just like any other asset, insurance can be purchased to protect against any loss or damages. With respect to my situation, The Cincinnati Insurance Company provided insurance coverage for the judgment. Insurance for debt is called credit default insurance contract: This is how it works; a premium is paid to the insurance company to insure the debt amount. If a default occurs, the insurance company will do a swap by paying the policy amount to the insured and the insured will give the debt instrument to the insurance company, who then converts it into a registered security with the SEC. This allows the insurance company to monetize the debt instrument. The key to this level of the fraud is that a debt instrument must have a debtor attached to it, and a number to identify the debtor. In this instance, the Social Security number is used and also serves as the CUSIP if it's being traded on the open exchange.

The insurance company in my case held on to the security for three years before unloading it to the National Clearing Corporation, a subsidiary of the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation located in New York City. I had someone call the aforementioned company to learn more about the security. Another key indicator is the date the security was created. It matched the month and year of the judgment /sentence. Additionally, I also learned that Fidelity Investments acquired the security from the clearing house and subsequently converted it into a 30-year fixed income security and inserted it into one of their mutual funds.

I eventually had someone call the SEC and Fidelity Investments to inquire about the security. Fidelity Investments was told the security was a product of fraud and identity theft. Shortly after, Fidelity Investments sold the contract and got rid of the security. I also learned that Fidelity Investments is a huge investor in court judgments. Billions of dollars in revenue is generated premised on the fraud for Fidelity Investments.

These debt instruments are not regulated like standard stocks. These debts go unreported to the credit reporting agencies. Defendants are unaware that they are victims of fraud and identity theft. The identity theft entails an agent representing the county government acting As Power Of Attorney, agreeing and binding defendants to the credit default insurance contracts. The money received from the insurance company is how the Department of Public safety and correctional services get paid. Tax dollars are only paying for the infrastructure i.e., facilities, staff, and maintenance, not bodies (inmates). The city of Baltimore is keeping the Maryland division of Corrections in business. I do not make an erroneous statement. The divisions of Corrections is the state agency providing a service, housing bodies, to be more specific, warehousing bodies for a fee.

I do not want to distract from the main reason, subject matter of this dissertation by highlighting the horrible conditions e.g., dismal healthcare, bad food, and the fact that inmates are used as helpless consumers by corporate Raiders charging exorbitant prices for commissary, catalog vendors, tablet service, etc. The Division of Corrections are operating as textbook debtors prison, where needs of the warehouses are barely met. In the future I will release a thesis dedicated to the conditions inside Maryland prisons.

I encourage everyone that reads this thesis that has a loved one incarcerated to March down to the Circuit Court clerk's office with the case originated and demand a certified copy of the judgment of conviction signed by the presiding/sentencing judge. Ask for the judgment docket, where the judgment of convictions is supposed to be located. Do not be surprised if you're told the document doesn't exist. A record of all judgments is mandatory and exists. Do not retain the services of an attorney, hoping he/she can procure the document he or she will tell you there's no such document and hang up the phone on you remember, attorneys are used as decoys to mask the fraud. Lastly, I want everyone to be aware of the agents within Montgomery County, Maryland that participated in the conspiratorial fraud. John McCarthy, the elected States Attorney, former assistant States Attorney now District Court Judge Sherri D Koch, Samantha Sandler, assistant public defender, Karen Bushnell, the elected clerk of Circuit Court for Montgomery County, retired “judge” Eric M Johnson, Judge Karla Natasha Smith, Mark Elrich County Executive, Evan Glass County Council president, assistant county attorney Patricia Lisahora Kane. Every last one deserves to be indicted and tried in federal court for using their positions as trustees to gain a financial advantage for profit, human trafficking, wire fraud, and a slew of other charges. I researched this issue for four years only to discover that agents representing the Maryland Judiciary and County Government are corrupt and cannot be trusted.

I conclude by saying this, this is not a hoax, this is real. I am not part of, nor do I support any sovereign citizen organization or movement. Furthermore, I emphatically disavow the UCC process, it is a red herring and a utter joke. I have tried in earnest to settle this matter quietly with the Montgomery County government. Unfortunately, they ducked and dodged, instead of accepting they got caught. Given their intransigence and obstinate conduct, i was left with no other choice but to publish this information. I ask everyone that reads this to retweet repost, this to the others with loved ones incarcerated in Maryland's Debtors Prison. You can also e-mail any comments or questions to

Peace and blessings and let's embark on real change, not reform of Maryland's Judiciary.

Andre J. Elliott-Bey

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