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Faith Outreach Ministry - Certificate of Dissolution dated 04/08/2024

In line with the Articles of Corporation, all remaining funds were distributed to another church to continue on the mission.


Faith Outreach Ministry is a family ministry that believes Jesus is the Son of God. The FOM website is a ministry tool used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. FOM is not the owner of the information published (music/written/photo/video) on this website. The owners of the original work hold their own copyrights to the extent that the law allows.  

This website was created as a ministry tool to share the spiritual gifts given to family and friends by our Lord Jesus and to bring family and friends together through other fellowship events. Brotherly love is our focus, i.e. Love the Lord, Love Yourself, Love Others.  As an ordained Minister, I give you the Word. Jesus said, "Go..."  Now tell us before you go and we will meet you there. Please share the following:

Prayer House Events for Everyone | Everywhere

Blog Posts or Audio/Video Messages

Live Concerts / Ticket Events

Before you decide to share on this site here's some information about us:

  1. FOM Ministers uphold Biblical principles above private gain.  We believe Ministers of the Gospel, to include preachers, musical ministers, and lay persons should receive a reasonable financial support when called upon in God's service.  

  2. FOM is a tithing ministry.  FOM does not have any paid positions.  We do however believe that a tithe of the tithe should be divided amongst those who faithfully serve and contribute administratively.  

  3. ​Financial support, offerings and donations given to FOM are used to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to provide opportunities to heal the physical body through health education, natural/organic healing methods, and by the power of God; to promote family togetherness; to provide opportunities to remember those in the faith who are incarcerated and so much more. ​

  4. FOM is organized with schedules as it relates to stipends and pay outs.  We have put thought into how we support our ministry activities.

  5. ​FOM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and gifts or offerings shared through this website are tax deductible to the extent that the law allows.

  6. FOM has intentions to dissolve as a 501(c)(3) non-profit on 12/29/2024.

So, let me say, Welcome to the Family and Friends website where we support one another in faith.  Family Outreach will continue on as long as the Lord will allow.

~ RC Roberts

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