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Matthew Bible Study Volume I

Matthew Bible Study Volume I

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Matthew Bible Study Volume I:  A Comprehensive Resource for Studying Matthew

by Jacqueline Kyo Thomas


Dive Deep into the Gospel of Matthew and Discover a Masterpiece

Welcome to Matthew Bible Study Volume I â€“ a journey that promises to transform your understanding of salvation, deepen your faith, and connect the Old Testament's prophetic voice to the New Testament's message of redemption.

This book isn’t a quick glance at Matthew's Gospel. In Volume I, we’re laying the foundation by exclusively covering Matthew Chapter 1. This chapter is often overlooked or skipped altogether because some of us think that genealogies are "boring." 👀 But this genealogy holds the key to understanding God's incredible story of redemption.

This study is for the curious and the committed. Whether you're seeking to fortify your faith, ready to defend it to the world, or embarking on reading the Gospel for yourself for the first time, this study is your starting point. This Bible study covers 300+ pages of insightful analysis and exploration.

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